7 Ways to Clean Your House Safely When Pregnant

Some pregnant women (pregnant women) may still have to clean the house. Although there is no prohibition to do so, Bumil needs to be more vigilant in order to stay safe and not interfere with health. If not done carefully, then cleaning the house can increase the risk of babies suffering from asthma and allergies after birth. In addition, it can also cause more nausea for pregnant women, even increasing the risk of increasing the risk of miscarriage. But be calm, because there are efforts that can be done to clean the house safely while pregnant. Efforts to Minimize Risk to Pregnant Women Come on, consider the following things, so that pregnant women can do homework safely and comfortably: Use gloves and face masks During pregnancy, the skin can become more sensitive. It is recommended to always use gloves made of latex or minimal plastic, to protect pregnant women from exposure to chemicals. Don't forget to wash your hands with warm water and soap after finishing. Preg
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